About Us

Hello and welcome to Lost Lust, we are part of the Umpapa group. And we are a new family run business. We believe in passion and lust, and sometimes we want that just a little bit more... your sexual happiness is very important to us. because you are special. we have tried to make the choice of goods as wide ranged as possible and we want to make a fun, fulfilling sex life available to everyone. We're the UK's newest website but our suppliers have been around for a long time, We believe that customer service is paramount. 

Buying a sex toy or Lingerie used to involve being confronted by seedy shops and websites with in-your-face, pornographic images and packaging. We guarantee discreet, non judgemental purchases from our online store. We also try to be comparative with-in the marketplace and hope you enjoy browsing our site.

David Barnett

Director of sales.